Look up the word precocious in the dictionary and you will find it defined as Olivia Aaron. This pint sized power house packs a punch holding her own with such industry pros as Conan O’Brien, Dick Orkin, Jennifer Rhodes and Scott Lowell. Intelligent, quick witted and easily 10 steps ahead of everyone on the set, in the sound booth or on stage, Olivia’s impish charm immediately captivates her directors as well as her audience.

At the tender age of seven, Olivia made her stage debut in the acclaimed West Coast Premiere of The Pain in The Itch. Directed by Dámaso Rodriguez and produced by The Theatre @ Boston Court and Furious Theatre Company for the Pasadena Playhouse 2009 season. Olivia tackled the demanding central role around whom the entire play revolves. Her riveting performance garnered her a nomination for the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Awards.

Just before Christmas of 2010, Olivia was handpicked to be one of Conan O’Brien’s Knock off Christmas Carolers on the new Conan Show.  Singing parodies of Christmas carols, Olivia was positioned dead center and performed with just the right amount of sardonic expression.  Her voice over career has been launched with the new advertising campaign for Norm Reeves Honda directed and produced by The Famous Radio Ranch as well as the new Comcast spots for Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. Olivia is also a member of the Actor’s Fund of America, Looking Ahead program.

Photo By Brad Buckman